Character Creation

PCs start out at level 3. If you are unfamiliar with d20 Modern, I ask that you create a level 1 character first, let me check it over, and then advance it. (If those of you who are more familiar with the system want to do this, too, that’s fine by me.)

  • To generate the ability scores, roll 4d6 six times in the Dice Rolling thread and drop the lowest die of each roll.
  • Re-roll any score less than 8.
  • Assign the scores to the attributes.
  • Human.

Start with the basic character classes: Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated, and Charismatic. Note that you aren’t required to take all of your beginning levels in one class if you don’t want to.

Most of the advanced classes in the core rulebook will be available if you wish to create a character with your eye on one of those. The two exceptions are Techie and Personality. ITAP techies are going to be hard at work in the labs; only very rarely will they see field work. (If you really, really, really want to play one, then maybe, but you’ll have to convince me.) As for personalities, ITAP is hiring people who blend in, not people who stick out. Additional advanced classes and some prestige classes may be available in the later on.

Hit Points:
  • For 1st level, take max points + Con modifier.
  • For each additional level, roll the appropriate hit die.
  • If any of the rolls are less than half of the possible maximum, take half instead.
  • Insert your character’s class defense bonus in the Misc. section of the character sheet.
Action Points:
  • Characters have just reached level 3, so each has 6 points.
Bonus Attribute Points:
  • Characters get a bonus attribute point every three levels rather than every four, so add 1 to any one attribute at level 3.

In order to help give some extra flavor to the character, please come up with a few quirks. These are just little things that help set them apart from everyone else: likes, dislikes, habits, other defining characteristics.

Some Examples:

  • Adores seafood.
  • Never wears green.
  • Dislikes dogs.
  • Spends too much money on bonsai trees.
  • Always chews mint gum.
  • Drinks Pepto-Bismal straight from the bottle.
  • Always 10 minutes early for meetings.
  • Chews fingernails when nervous.
Calculating Wealth at Level 1
  • Roll 2d4 at level 1.
  • Add Occupation wealth bonus, if any
  • Add +4 for each time you took the Windfall feat
Calculating Wealth for Additional Levels
  • Roll a Profession check (1d20+ranks in Profession) for the job you’ve been using most over the past level.
  • If the result is equal to or higher than your current Wealth, add +1 to your Wealth.
  • Add an extra +1 for every 5 points by which you exceeded your Wealth on your check.
  • Add a bonus to your Wealth based on the number of ranks you have in Profession. (1-5 ranks = +1; 6-10 ranks = +2; 11-15 ranks = +3; 16-20 ranks = +4)
Equipment and Wealth Checks

Working for ITAP has its perks. One of these is that individuals are provided with pretty much any equipment it’s thought they will need for missions. Additional items may also be requisitioned. (Equipment from both the core rulebook and Urban Arcana will be allowed.)

It is up to you whether or not you wish to actually purchase anything.


See Languages.

ITAP Training

Characters acquire a second OccupationITAP – when they complete their initial training. For purposes of this campaign, that will be immediately prior to level 3.

Character Creation

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