Equipment carried on a drop is traditionally kept to a minimum. Part of this is done to avoid TREs in eras with low Marconi Limits, but the other ever-present reason is that ITAP doesn’t want modern items left behind in the past if at all possible.

That said, ITAP is capable of providing its agents with rather good replicas when needed, many of which are constructed with self-destruction or quick biodegradation in mind.

The following items are routinely available for drop missions, designed with the target era in mind. Unless otherwise indicated, the weights are considered negligible:

Table 1: General Equipment
Equipment Weight Notes
Clothing 1 kg A mundane-appearing set of clothing, lined with ballistic cloth if possible (+1 equipment bonus).
Compass - Disguised
Flashlight, LED - Disguised as talisman or other jewelry
Flint & Steel - For starting fires with.
Locator - Tracks ITAP agents with active tracking implants; disguised as talisman or necklace
Pack 1 kg A day pack (or its closest equivalent
Medical kit 3 kg Partially disguised as a more primitive medical kit
Mini-binoculars - Night vision setting; disguised
Silver ingots - For trading purposes; intended for use in purchasing basic items (i.e. Treat as Wealth bonus of +5 that works in other eras)
Waterskin 1 kg Leather; capable of microfiltration and lined with decontaminant
Table 2: Weapons and Armor
Equipment Weight Notes
Stun gun 1 kg Disguised as walking stick, scroll case, or some other innocuous item
Weapons (varies) Era specific; non-exotic
Armor (varies) ITAP versions of historical armor provide +1 to the standard equipment and non-proficiency bonuses.


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