Profession Skill

In addition to having an affect on your early wealth, Profession will also act something like a Knowledge (your job) skill. For example, a professional bodyguard might roll a check to think of ways to secure his employer’s bedroom, while a doctor might roll it to come up with the best way to triage wounded in battle.

PCs may begin taking ranks in Profession (ITAP) once they join, but the maximum number of ranks allowed in this skill is determined by the character’s rank (see below). Unless you hear otherwise, you will begin the campaign with the rank of Patrolman.

  • Special Agent: 16 ranks
  • Agent: 12 ranks
  • Patrolman: 8 ranks
  • Cadet: 4 ranks

(Note that these maximums do not supersede the normal level rank limits. If you were somehow a Patrolman at level 1, you would still have a 4 rank maximum.)

Profession Skill

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